The New Rules of Attraction November 14, 2012

By Nina Malkin

When it comes to finding love, there are certain truths that seem so irrefutable that anyone would be a fool not to follow them. Maybe you’re a firm believer that you can tell within seconds if you’re attracted to someone. Or, maybe you adhere to the idea that a first kiss says it all: if you feel fireworks, your date’s a keeper; if it bombs, you decide to cut your losses. While these romantic maxims have their fans, experts insist that these laws no longer hold true in today’s dating world. In short, many rules people choose to follow need a little revamping. To that end, we’ve consulted authorities in the field to bring you the most up-to-date strategies for finding someone you’ll click with romantically.Old rule: You can tell if you’re truly attracted to someone in three seconds. | more…
The Rules of Attraction

Your brain and online dating October 23, 2012

By Kayt Sukel

Kayt Sukel is the author of Dirty Minds: How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex, and Relationships (Free Press, 2012). Here are a few things she learned about the neurobiology of attraction as she researched and wrote her book — and how they might apply to your online dating life.
Read through a dozen online dating profiles and I guarantee that you’ll come across words like “chemistry,” “spark,” and “connection.” There’s good reason for this: as I researched the neurobiology of attraction for Dirty Minds, I quickly learned that chemistry is far more than just a dating profile cliché. Chemistry is real — and it’s important. It just may not be exactly what you think it is.  | more…
your brain and online dating

The Love Litmus Test September 20, 2012

Do you two have genuine chemistry, or is this just an infatuation? Take this fun quiz to find out.

By Margot Carmichael Lester


Chemistry — that totally intangible but utterly crucial element that can turn a stranger into your sweetheart or make a blind date become your boyfriend — can be hard to measure. Is your attraction to your partner based on a true spark… or is it just a passing infatuation? Is that really chemistry you’re feeling in your gut, or could it be indigestion instead? Take this love litmus test to find out! | more… love litmus test

Celebrating National Singles Week: Profile Do’s and Don’ts September 17, 2012


Though offers singles a modern channel for finding a match, online dating has never come with an owner’s manual. In celebration of National Singles Week beginning today, we’ve partnered with Smart Dating Academy and surveyed 1,000 of our singles nationwide on men’s and women’s likes and dislikes about their potential suitors’ online dating profiles.  Singles know what they’re looking for in a profile—the results revealed some useful tidbits on what works and what doesn’t, including turn-offs, essay length, and the 411 on your profile pics.  Here’s the scoop on singles’ profiles online:


| more…

In general, Men would like the ladies to keep their “about me” section to one paragraph, while women think 2-3 paragraphs is an ideal profile length for men.

What’s the Science Behind Spring Fever? March 8, 2012

As the weather warms up throughout the country, many of us start shaking off the winter blahs and come down with a different kind of malady: spring fever. So if you find yourself daydreaming at your desk, developing new crushes and spending the whole day outdoors, here’s a closer look at the science behind the sensation — and how to make the most of it as you date your way through the season. | more…