23 Fascinating Love Facts October 2, 2012

By Laura Schaefer

Love is a many-splendored thing… and a very surprising thing, too. As if you needed proof of that, here are 23 funny little facts about love. Study them, scratch your head over them, and share them with someone you fancy. 

Up All Night: Top 10 Cities of Sleepless Singles August 24, 2012

Do you find yourself often sleepless in Seattle (or any city, for that matter)? Chemistry.com has announced the Top 10 Cities of sleepless singles in the U.S., and though NYC might be known as “the city that never sleeps,” we found singles all over are using the night hours to find love! We researched the top cities where singles visit Chemistry.com the most often in the middle of the night (in their respective time zones), and we found Hawaiians in the capital city of Honolulu, Hawaii are the most likely to log on late! Second to the islanders out west came the beach babes of Virginia Beach, Virginia, while the singles of music city Nashville, Tennessee came in third. If you’re a night owl, you’re in good company with singles from all over the country!

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Celebrating Pride Month: Top 10 Cities Where LGBT Singles Are Looking For Marriage & Kids June 5, 2012

June is Gay Pride Month, and to celebrate the community we at Chemistry.com have put together a list of where the most traditional-minded (those who want to get married and raise children together) lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender singles live. The findings are based on over 10 million surveyed responses Chemistry.com has amassed over the years from our personality test, and show that traditional family values still hold strong in the South, even with LGBT singles!


Find the cities where LGBT singles want to get married and have children below:

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Top 10 Cities That Value Sex the Most (and Least) in America March 27, 2012

Spring has finally sprung, and with the weather warming and the clothing layers peeling we at Chemistry.com wanted to divulge some interesting data around the topic on everyone’s mind—spring flings! We took a deep dive into who values sex the most in our great nation. The ranking is based on more than 10 million surveyed responses Chemistry.com has amassed on the topic from Dr. Helen Fisher’s personality test. You may be surprised to find out which cities had the largest concentration of singles that strongly agreed that sex was an essential part of a relationship! | more…

Top Ten Cities to Find a Sensitive Man January 12, 2012

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon it got us thinking, what is the one gift that would make any single gal’s heart go pitter pat? Tender loving care from a guy who is highly aware of a woman’s feeling and needs.  So we here at Chemistry.com rolled up our sleeves to reveal the nation’s Top Ten Cities to Find a Sensitive Man.

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