The Science of Optimism February 20, 2013

“The Science of Optimism” is an ongoing blog series focused on the bright side of dating in 2013. The series will feature posts by Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and scientific advisor for

By Dr. Helen Fisher

Would you call yourself more optimistic than most people? singles in cities like Hoboken, NJ, Redondo Beach, CA, and Santa Fe, New Mexico answered “yes” through our personality test, and I can definitely see why these singles are looking on the bright side! These men and women have several traits in common: they are confident that their way of doing things will work out; they have a plan for where they want to be in five years; they never enter any competition expecting to lose; and when they do lose, they focus on how they can do better next time.

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Top 13 Cities Where Singles Live the Healthiest Lives in 2013 January 9, 2013

The New Year has just begun, and with health and well-being at the top of everyone’s mind, decided to take a closer look at which singles in the U.S. have a jumpstart on their health-related resolutions.

We searched the site for where singles on live the healthiest lives, which included aspects like an affinity for fitness, all the way to their alcohol intake habits. We were surprised which cities topped the list—you might be too! Shawnee Mission, Kansas, a cozy neighborhood of Kansas City, boasts the highest population of healthy singles on Maybe the city’s famous barbecue is the secret ingredient to a healthy lifestyle—or the fact that Kansans simply are active year-round… we’ll leave it up to you to decide! As for the other cities, check out the list of the Top 13 cities where singles live the healthiest lives in 2013 below!

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Top 10 Cities Where Republicans Are Still Irresistible November 7, 2012

The election is over (if you can believe it!), and Democratic nominee President Barack Obama has been elected for a second term to serve America. However, as a consolation prize to the Conservative party, we compiled a list of the Top 10 cities where Republicans are flirted with the most on! We found Conservative singles of Scottsdale, Arizona receive the most attention on the site, followed by singles in the swing state of Florida and historically Conservative Texas.

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The Five Kinds of Chemistry October 17, 2012

By Jonathan Small

Pretty much all of us know what someone’s talking about when they say, “Hey, I was on a date, and — wow — we had incredible chemistry.” In a nutshell, that means that these two people felt such a strong attraction to each other that they couldn’t wait to get somewhere, ahem, a little more private, right? Sure, that may be the most traditional kind of chemistry, but it’s hardly the only type. According to experts, that earth-moving, spark-flying phenomenon can assume many forms. To help you sort through all those crazy feelings you may have for someone, we’ve described five of the most common types of attraction you can experience. Recognizing and savoring all of them can lead to a fantastic, long-lasting relationship.  | more…