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Dr. Helen Fisher, whom Time magazine called the queen mum of romance research, is an internationally renowned biological anthropologist and the world's most quoted expert on the science of human attraction. She studies the brain chemistry of romantic love, what she calls the madness of the gods. As Chief Scientific Advisor, she helped develop Chemistry.com, the sister site of Match.com. More than ten million people in 40 countries have taken Fisher's personality test. She has authored five internationally best-selling books, appeared on most major news outlets, including The Today Show, 20/20, The Colbert Report and Oprah, and lectured at the Smithsonian, TED, Harvard Medical School, The World Economic Forum at Davos, and the United Nations and many other podiums. Her recent book, Why Him? Why Her?, discusses why we are naturally drawn to particular people, how to read your date, and how to achieve natural intimacy with him or her. When asked whether all her basic research has jeopardized her own feelings of romantic love, she replies, "You can know every single ingredient in a piece of chocolate."

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Single & Clueless: She talks, He Texts November 15, 2011

Single & Clueless asks… why do most women prefer to chat on the phone over texting, while men prefer to skip the phone and text instead? 

By Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Advisor for Chemistry.com

When it comes to dating, communication via text is now customary for adult singles. In fact, nearly a third of Americans prefer texting to talking. Despite this trend, why do most women prefer to chat on the phone over texting, while men prefer to skip the phone and text instead? | more…

Single & Clueless: Male Facial Hair, Love It Or Leave It? November 1, 2011

Single & Clueless asks… Why do most men love facial hair, and most women hate it?

By Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Advisor for Chemistry.com

At one time, designer stubble, hairy upper lips, bristly chins, and bushy beards were reserved for long weekends, winter vacations, or bouts of unemployment. Now this hairy trend can be spotted everywhere from corporate boardrooms to hipster bars.  I don’t know how women feel in other cultures, particularly those where almost all men have beards (you might write in and tell me).   But the American women I know don’t like | more…

Prince William & Kate Middleton: Royal Chemistry? April 7, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton reign supreme in the chemistry department! They are perfect for one another from the biological perspective. They both appear to be Explorers—the novelty seeking, curious, creative people who are naturally expressive of the dopamine system in the brain. William summed up their mutual outlook on life:  “I like space and freedom.” | more…

The “Special Effects” of Kissing by Dr. Helen Fisher November 17, 2010


What was the most wonderful kiss you have ever had? Perhaps it was what a friend of mine calls “The kiss that makes up for all the kisses that have been forgotten.” Both men and women agree that kissing brings them emotionally closer to their partner. Indeed, the more your kiss your partner, the happier you are also likely to be in your relationship. Here’s why: | more…

“Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited”- Love at first sight by Dr. Helen Fisher November 3, 2010

Thomas Jefferson fell in love with Maria Cosway the afternoon he met her. Love at first sight doesn’t happen to everyone, but in a study of 98 people, 10% reported that they did in fact fall in love almost as soon as they met “him” or “her.” Poets, playwrights and songwriters have noted this odd experience of instant infatuation in cultures around the world. So as you are in the process of meeting people on Chemistry, I thought I would describe how this works. | more…