“New Year, New You” is an ongoing blog series focused on on getting your mind, body and spirit ready for dating in 2013. The series will feature posts by Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and scientific advisor for Chemistry.com, Bela Gandhi, Dating Coach and President of Smart Dating Academy, and Amanda Ebner, M.A.; M.Ed.; and personal trainer for FitOrbit.com, an online personal training resource.

By FitOrbit Trainer Amanda Ebner

Let’s face it: first impressions last a lifetime, and when that first impression is a romantic one, it’s even more important to make it memorable.  Even if you’ve let your exercise routine slide, there are still several last-minute strategies to make your body look its best and impress your new date.

During the week leading up to the date, drink lots of water to flush out existing toxins in the body and prepare your system for exercise.  Eat lots of vegetables and fruits to bring out the natural glow in your skin, and limit dairy, refined carbohydrates, and alcohol to reduce any potential bloating.  Make sure to get adequate sleep (at least seven hours per night) to help keep your appetite under wraps and minimize fatigue.

Once your diet and lifestyle are in order, get focused – and get ready to move!  Studies suggest that short-duration, vigorous exercise (such as the circuit I designed below) can increase circulation, visibly define muscles, and increase metabolic performance for up to 12 hours – a perfect reason to squeeze in at least one more workout before your first date!

This 10-minute series is intended for apparently healthy men and women, and no special equipment or gym machines are necessary.  This workout is especially effective on the morning of the date to help relax your jitters, boost your energy, and tone your major muscle groups.


Repeat each exercise 20 times, then repeat the entire circuit 3 times

  • Push-ups (standard or modified on knees)
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Squat jumps
  • Tricep dips (use a chair or sturdy table)
  • Mountain climbers

In only 10 minutes, you can get the heart-pumping, core-strengthening and confidence-building benefits of exercise by just alternating these five simple moves – and walk into your date knowing you earned those toned arms, flat stomach, and lean legs.

Want more?  Add 5 minutes of jump rope to each end of the circuit and the average person will burn over 200 calories in only 20 minutes – more than enough to justify splitting a dessert with your new date!

Chemistry.com and FitOrbit, the innovative leader in online fitness and weight-loss programs, are entering into a strategic partnership where we will be offering services that will provide special values for members of both Chemistry.com and FitOrbit as they seize control over their lives and their futures.

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