The Love Litmus Test September 20, 2012

Do you two have genuine chemistry, or is this just an infatuation? Take this fun quiz to find out.

By Margot Carmichael Lester


Chemistry — that totally intangible but utterly crucial element that can turn a stranger into your sweetheart or make a blind date become your boyfriend — can be hard to measure. Is your attraction to your partner based on a true spark… or is it just a passing infatuation? Is that really chemistry you’re feeling in your gut, or could it be indigestion instead? Take this love litmus test to find out!

1. When we’re out together, strangers often ask us:
• When the divorce will be final. (Score = 1)
• Why we’re together. (Score = 2)
• If this is our first date. (Score = 3)
• How long we’ve been married. (Score = 4)
• If we’re a couple. (Score = -1)

2. When there’s a lull in the conversation at dinner, the two of you:
• Hardly notice it. (Score -1)
• Welcome the break from your argument. (Score = 2)
• Are happy to give up on struggling to communicate with each other. (Score = 3)
• Happily gaze into each other’s eyes and quietly enjoy the time spent in comfortable silence together. (Score = 4)
• Haul out your smartphones to distract yourselves until the check comes. (Score = -1)

3. How physically close are you when you’re out in public together?
• Not very. (Score = 1)
• Toe-to-toe if the arguing gets heated. (Score = 2)
• We brush up against each other sometimes. (Score = 3)
• Typically, we are holding hands or arm-in-arm wherever we go. (Score = 4)
• We don’t go out much anymore. (Score = -1)

4. How do you interact with each other while talking amongst a group of your mutual friends?
• We usually compete for center stage. (Score = 1)
• We interrupt each other constantly. (Score = 2)
• We take turns respectfully waiting for the other person to finish talking before choosing to speak. (Score = 3)
• We tend to complete each other’s sentences and thoughts in a loving and playful way. (Score = 4)
• The whole point of hanging out with a group is to avoid speaking to each other. (Score = -1)

5. When a problem arises, how do you solve it? 
• It festers until one of us explodes out of anger. (Score = 1)
• By arguing until someone admits he or she is wrong. (Score = 2)
• One of us usually concedes in order to keep the other person happy. (Score = 3)
• We calmly and respectfully work together so we can find a workable solution. (Score = 4)
• We break up, then get back together once we cool off. (Score = -1)

Scoring guide
Less than 0 points: You barely have a relationship, much less chemistry. Why not cut each other a break and turn this failed romance into nothing more than a bad memory?

0-5 points: If there was any chemistry between you two, it’s been long gone for awhile now. Now’s the time to break up and move on with your lives.

6-10 points: Arguing can be a byproduct of an underlying passion for some couples, but it’s not healthy. You’re better at creating drama than striking a spark around each other.

11-15 points: Do you have real chemistry? It’s hard to tell with you two. Study up on your gardening techniques and see if you can get your love to bloom.

16-20 points: Congratulations on passing the litmus test! Your relationship is full of fireworks, so go directly to the head of the chemistry class.

North Carolina-based freelancer Margot Carmichael Lester also writes for Go magazine and The Los Angeles Business Journal.

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