Though offers singles a modern channel for finding a match, online dating has never come with an owner’s manual. In celebration of National Singles Week beginning today, we’ve partnered with Smart Dating Academy and surveyed 1,000 of our singles nationwide on men’s and women’s likes and dislikes about their potential suitors’ online dating profiles.  Singles know what they’re looking for in a profile—the results revealed some useful tidbits on what works and what doesn’t, including turn-offs, essay length, and the 411 on your profile pics.  Here’s the scoop on singles’ profiles online:


Men’s Profile Turnoffs?  The biggest turn-offs for men are: women being too picky with who they are looking for, poor grammar and using old photos.


(Profile) Size matters?  In general, Men would like the ladies to keep their “about me” section to one paragraph, while women think 2-3 paragraphs is an ideal profile length for men.


Kill the Clichés:  The number one “cliché” deal breaker amongst singles is mentioning you’re “not into playing games.”


First impressions – a great smile is everything:  Women look at a man’s smile and eyes first in their profile photo, while a woman’s smile and physique are the first things men notice.


Picture Perfect:  Majority of singles want to see casual photos in their match’s profile (81%), and 74% want to see a full body photo. What pics should you avoid?  Save your hipster pics for Instagram, and keep your professional photos on LinkedIn – your future dates don’t want to see either!

What are your favorite do’s and don’ts of online dating profiles? Let us know in the comments below!

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