has announced the top 10 cities where the single night owls do their dating in the dead of night, and Honolulu singles topped the list! Following the Hawaiians came singles in Virginia Beach, VA, Nashville, TN, Scottsdale, AZ, Brooklyn, NY, Long Beach, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Henderson, NV, Fresno, CA and Mesa, AZ.

But why are singles staying up late in these places? Well, Honolulu has lots of tourists, so perhaps many of the locals who work in restaurants and cafes- and get home late- take advantage of this empty time to relax and seek love. Las Vegas never sleeps: so many dealers, hoteliers and entertainers probably also find these wee hours a perfect time to connect. Brooklyn, New York, is packed with young people who either work too hard or party hard with friends (or maybe a little of both).

We are a 24-hour society. Nurses, doctors, cooks, technicians, journalists, performers, policemen and women; all sorts of people work at night. And let’s not forget single parents—what better time to hit the Internet than after evening chores are done and the kids are fast asleep? But I suspect these men and women have more in common than their occupations: most have inherited particular genes that govern the body’s rhythms.  Be you a morning lark or night owl, this tendency is snug in your DNA.

I always wanted to be an owl. It’s cool to stay up late. But alas, I woke up early, even as a teenager.  But the men in my life have been largely owls. And interestingly enough, this difference in routines has worked extremely well. Poet Kahlil Gibran once said “Let there be spaces in your togetherness.” Indeed, I have enjoyed many peaceful spaces alone with the rising sun. But if you’re looking to meet someone who stays up late as you do, log on to tonight for the “Up All Night” event: a free night on the site for those who find themselves searching for love late. You’ll find a whole lot of owls ready to fly with you. To get started, click here.

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