June is Gay Pride Month, and to celebrate the community we at Chemistry.com have put together a list of where the most traditional-minded (those who want to get married and raise children together) lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender singles live. The findings are based on over 10 million surveyed responses Chemistry.com has amassed over the years from our personality test, and show that traditional family values still hold strong in the South, even with LGBT singles!


Find the cities where LGBT singles want to get married and have children below:

1.       Richmond, VA

2.       Baltimore, MD

3.       Los Angeles, CA

4.       Rochester, NY

5.       Hartford, CT

6.       Las Vegas, NV

7.       Pittsburgh, PA

8.       Seattle, WA

9.       San Francisco, CA

10.   Washington, DC


Our Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Helen Fisher gives us her perspective on the non-traditional traditionalists: “The brain circuits for romantic love and deep attachment to a partner lie way below the thinking cortex, in survival pathways that evolved  millions of years ago.  Gays and lesbians inherited these brain  circuits just like the rest of us. So their desire to make a bond and rear young together is natural.  But the gays and lesbians in these 10 cities have an extra predisposition.  Most are also predominantly what  I call Negotiators–men and women particularly expressive of the estrogen system in the brain. Negotiators tend to be empathetic, linguistically skilled, adept at handling people–and nurturing.  So many will ‘naturally’ want to wed and rear kids, as this study elegantly shows.”

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