Today is Tax Day, and with money on our minds along with Dr. Helen Fisher are releasing a new study that reveals your gender, personality type and relationship status influences the way you spend (or save) your money.  We surveyed over 1,600 single men and women, and found these fiscal facts:

Men vs. Women:

·         Fiscal Opposites Can Attract: The majority (54%) of those surveyed believe that a couple with different spending habits can have a healthy romantic relationship, while 28% were unsure; 18% said no.  83% of singles have had a previous relationship with someone with different spending habits.

·         Willing to change your spending habits?: Men are more likely than women (69% vs. 57%) to consider changing their spending habits to a certain extent if asked by a romantic partner.

·         What’s mine is mine: Women are less likely to pool their money “under any circumstances”(18% of women vs. 11% of men).  Men are nearly twice as likely to say they would pool their money when engaged or at earlier stages in the relationship (33% of men vs. 17% of women).

·         Women still want men to “Make the money, honey:” Women are more than twice as likely to feel the man should be the primary breadwinner, 38% vs. 15%.


Singles and the Economy:

·         Singles spending habits: 56% worry “a fair amount” or “a lot” about finances and 58% have changed their money habits due to the economic downturn.

·         Singles are saving: 85% report that they are saving money for the future.

·         Singles still Living it Up?: Two out of three spend money on “something fun” for themselves “sometimes” (as opposed to “rarely” or “often”).


Personality and Finance (True to Character):

·         Director Men, expressive of testosterone which is linked with being more competitive, are far more likely than other men to compete with their partners about who makes the most money.

·         Negotiator Women, expressive of estrogen which is often linked with anxiety, worry about money more than other women (68% vs. 56% said they worry a “fair amount” or “a lot.”)

·         Explorer Men, expressive of dopamine which is linked with risk taking, were more likely to admit taking financial risks than were other men (44% vs. 24% said “sometimes” or “often.”)

·         Builder Men, expressive of serotonin which is linked with rule following, were more likely than other men to “always” pay off their credit card on time.


Do you think the way singles manage their money matters in a relationship? Can fiscal opposites really attract? Tell us in the comments below! 

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  4. JS says:

    I cannot fathom how you expect me to subscribe to this service when I can’t even see the person who is interested in me – when I try to view the profile it directs me to the pay now page. Seems goofy, but if it’s working for you….