Spring has finally sprung, and with the weather warming and the clothing layers peeling we at Chemistry.com wanted to divulge some interesting data around the topic on everyone’s mind—spring flings! We took a deep dive into who values sex the most in our great nation. The ranking is based on more than 10 million surveyed responses Chemistry.com has amassed on the topic from Dr. Helen Fisher’s personality test. You may be surprised to find out which cities had the largest concentration of singles that strongly agreed that sex was an essential part of a relationship!

California, or Californication? We found an astounding 8 of the top 10 cities that value sex the most are in the Golden State! On the contrary, the number one city that values sex the least in relationships is Lubbock, Texas—the boots aren’t knocking down south! We asked our chief scientific advisor, Dr. Helen Fisher to weigh in on our findings:

“When it comes to cities that value sex the least, Builders dominate in these cities and are likely to be more expressive of the serotonin system in the brain. Elevated serotonin can dramatically reduce one’s sex drive and sexual response.  This is why serotonin-boosting anti-depressants (like Paxil and Zoloft) regularly jeopardize, even kill, sexual interest. These drugs flood the brain with serotonin.

On the other hand, I am not surprised that Explorers top the list.  Explorers are likely to be more expressive of the dopamine system of the brain. And dopamine triggers the production of testosterone–the hormone of sexual desire in both men and women. . Explorers also like novelty, excitement and the pleasures of the senses. So for them, sex has it all.

Lastly, Negotiators came in second on the list of members who value sex the most in relationships. Negotiators believe romance is essential to a partnership.  So these men and women devote real time to cultivating romance–bringing home thoughtful gifts to their mate, leaving love notes when heading out of town, making special phone calls to keep in touch, or orchestrating a surprise weekend get- away. They keep the intimacy alive with imaginative daily acts and sex is part of this.”


Find the cities that value sex the most below:

  1. Venice, CA
  2. Santa Monica, CA
  3. Newport Beach, CA
  4. West Hollywood, CA
  5. West Los Angeles, CA
  6. Woodland Hills, CA
  7. Miami Beach, FL
  8. Redondo Beach, CA
  9. Hoboken, NJ
  10. San Francisco, CA

The cites that value sex the least:

  1. Lubbock, TX
  2. Schenectady, NY
  3. Lincoln, NE
  4. Toledo, OH
  5. Springfield, MO
  6. Fort Wayne, IN
  7. Akron, OH
  8. Sioux Falls, SD
  9. Dayton, OH
  10. Norfolk, VA 

Cities where women value sex the most:

  1. Santa Monica, CA
  2. West Hollywood, CA
  3. San Francisco, CA
  4. Scottsdale, AZ
  5. Seattle, WA
  6. Portland, MA
  7. New York, NY
  8. Boulder, CO
  9. Oakland, CA
  10. Pasadena, CA

 Illustration by Kagan McLeod for Chemistry.com

Do you live in any of these cities and can speak to this list? Or maybe you live somewhere else that you think should have made the cut? Tell us in the comments below.

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  4. Gsnoorky says:

    “California, here I come!”

  5. Rdmartinel says:

    Your right on with your survey Im on a dateing website as soon as I posted on craiglist San Diego just to date /meet for coffee ect….
    Women back to back to back…. Sent me all body shots and I mean BODY SHOTS I was’nt flattered in the least and when I was interested for A date I was e-mailed sorry but Im just looking for hook-up