Springtime is a few short weeks away. This season is about rejuvenation, renewal and regrowth. If you dream of sharing your life with someone spectacular, now is the time to make some shifts to make it happen.

Here’s what you can start doing today to put yourself on the path toward being a great dater, and ultimately, to meeting The One.

Rejuvenation – If you’ve been dating and not getting the results you’re looking for, transformation needs to happen. An easy place to start is from the outside. When was the last time you updated your wardrobe and overall look? When was the last time you looked and felt hot?

Gals: Femininity is a man magnet. They love a woman who acts like a woman. We can lose that part of ourselves in our everyday routines and responsibilities, and it’s a beautiful part of who we are. That girly part inside you is joyous, exciting and lovely. She’s the one who sashays as she walks, giggles a little and smiles a lot.

A great way to bring her out is to update your look. Buy a cute new dress and a pair of colorful sandals. Get your nails and hair done. This is about more than attracting men, it’s about feeling great about yourself and letting your softness and beauty shine.

Guys: Women can tell when you care about your look and when you don’t. No need to go “metro”, but when was the last time you bought some new jeans and shirts? How about a trendy pair of shoes? (Yes…we do notice your shoes.) I don’t know one women who doesn’t think it’s hot when they meet a guy for the first time and he’s obviously dressed to impress.

Renewal – Now is a great time to renew your commitment to finding a loving, life partner. Just hoping it happens and having that rattling around in the back of your is not enough. Start making it a reality by reflecting on this question: Do I truly want a loving partner in my life? If the answer is heck Yes!, then be willing to take some new action. (Let’s face it: What you’ve been doing hasn’t worked or you wouldn’t be reading this.)

Get clear on your vision of what your ideal relationship would look like in real life. Then ask yourself if what are you doing is likely to make it happen. Are you devoting the necessary time and energy to fulfilling your wish? Are you getting out of the house, getting online and having some fun? Is your heart open and are you being brave in connecting with new people? (Yep, sometimes that’s what it takes: Courage.) Are you living your best life possible and do you have a plan, or do you just “take things as they come?”

When you are clear about what you want, happy in your life and committed to a plan to reach your romantic goals…that’s when you attract your ideal mate.

Regrowth – Self awareness and self love are absolutely necessary to being able to enjoy dating and attract someone who will make you happy. If you are like most people, you can sometimes get caught in believing things about yourself that are not true, and tied to behavior patterns that lead to the same crummy results over and over. (Remember, doing the same thing and expecting different results=insanity!) This is the stuff that creates huge barriers between you and your potential for true companionship and love.

Take this time to kick aside all the nonsense from your past and take a fresh look at yourself. Look at your accomplishments and the life you’ve built. Congratulate yourself on your deep and loving relationships, the challenges you’ve overcome, the skills and qualities you’ve mastered and the kind person you are today. (I bet when you do, you’ll see someone you like.)  After that, take an honest look at where there is room for some self growth and education. If you find some opportunities, add that to your plan.

It takes some focus to find your perfect partner, and in our busy lives this can easily get pushed aside. Use springtime to take a new look at creating the life that leads to a fantastic partner. Then, keep your eyes on the prize, work your plan and go for it!

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