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Valentine’s Day has come and gone so singles and retailers are jointly letting out a deep sigh now that the high pressure “love” season has passed.  In case you are not in the know, Valentine’s Day means big business for retailers according to the National Retail Federation and heavy Internet usage for singles who are in the business of finding love, as proven by peaks in internet searches for dating topics.

While it’s easy to understand why consumers spend so much money around Valentine’s Day, it being a great yearly opportunity to celebrate their relationships over steak and chocolates, how do we explain all the buzz around dating? Is it all just about singles feeling the pressure to have a date for Valentine’s Day? Do they really start planning for this one evening as early as 6 weeks in advance?

One theory I’ve heard from several dating experts is that it’s all the result of the post-holiday blues. After spending the holidays playing with nieces and nephews, getting lectured by their parents about why they haven’t settled down yet and watching their siblings cuddle with their significant others by the fireplace, many singles tend to obsess over their current relationship status. The agony then peaks on New Year’s Eve when they spend the night out with other single friends, or worse, their non-single friends, talking about all the “joys” of single life.

By the time the holiday season is officially over, they find themselves on a crusade to meet that special someone if it’s the last thing they do. So then, just as they start their campaign to meet someone without all the distractions they had over the holiday season, office conversations turn to Valentine’s Day plans and date ideas. As if they didn’t feel enough pressure before, now they are racing against the clock. Unfortunately for those daters, matters of the heart cannot be rushed. Whether they are trying to meet people in bars or online, a little patience goes a long way, and can prevent spoiling a good thing due to over-zealousness.

So yes, there is a natural correlation between those times when consumers shop for their loved ones, and when singles “shop” for someone to love. But there shouldn’t be. No one ever got hurt rushing into a box of chocolates (or at least I hope not). Finding love is not about making family get-togethers less painful, or having plans on Valentine’s Day. It’s about chemistry, shared interests, and allowing the process to just happen.  So with spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and just let new things grow. is a site that provides in-depth comparisons of products and services. The site’s annual comparison of the best dating sites is widely viewed as the most comprehensive and authoritative on the web, and is often referenced by the top dating experts.


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