Each month Chemistry.com features top notch dating experts and writers to share their opinions on matters of the heart. Today in honor of Saint Valentine’s Day, we asked Cupid’s Pulse to play celebrity matchmaker.

By Ché Blackwood for CupidsPulse.com

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and everyone is scrambling to find a date. Unfortunately, other than sweaty palms and flushed cheeks, there hasn’t been a very scientific way to prove you’re in the right relationship – until now.  A recent study found that when two people are in love, their hearts’ magnetic fields synchronize, causing the couples’ chests to actually beat in unison. While we don’t have any stethoscopes on hand, we like to think we know who is right for each other, and who isn’t. Forget the Hollywood couples that are, we’re talking about the It-List duos that ought to be. With a little matchmaking, we’re confident the following stars would be synchronizing their magnetic fields in no time.

  1. Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Bill Maher: A romance between the super blue Bill Maher and the fire engine red Dr. Condoleezza Rice would prove once and for all that opposites do attract. While our imaginations might be in overdrive, we believe a blushing Maher fawning over the dolled up Rice would prove that it’s possible to put personal differences aside for the sake of love.
  2. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone: No onscreen couple of 2011 oozed more adorable chemistry than Ryan and Emma in Crazy Stupid Love. With his chiseled looks and her spunky attitude, we think they’d be crazy stupid not to give it a shot.

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  1. Katy Perry and Kris Humphries:  No one understands the heart of a divorcee more than another divorcee, which is why we think these two need to meet up for an emergency happy hour stat. Failed marriages aside, Kris and Katy both grew up in religious families, have been painted as the bad guy in all-too-public break-ups and neither believes one should have to sacrifice true beliefs for love. With fresh perspectives guiding them through the New Year, plus the added perk of pleasing their conservative parents, we’re convinced a relationship between these two K’s would be a slam dunk.

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  1. Marisa Tomei and Bradley Cooper:  We’ve been adoringly watching Marisa and Bradley climb the Hollywood ladder for years, cheering as they made their way from television to the silver screen. With successful careers, great reputations and laid back personalities, the only thing they’re missing is each other. Tomei and Cooper, having both been in serious past relationships, are now wise enough to successfully navigate the ups and downs of a new relationship. Plus, Marisa is ten years Cooper’s senior, meaning this adorable couple would finally prove that when it’s right, age doesn’t matter.
  2. James Franco and Olivia Wilde:  Franco and Wilde have note-worthy careers and are both sensationally beautiful; fine. We accept that. But, what about brains? James has attended NYU, Columbia, and the University of Houston where he is currently pursuing is doctorate in literature and creative writing. Wilde was raised by successful journalists and comes from a long line of academia. She attended Georgetown Day School, Phillips Academy and the Gaiety School of Acting. She’s also a board member of Artists for Peace and Justice and the ACLU of Southern California. Impressive! Plus, what’s sexier than a couple of drop dead gorgeous nerds? If they were really as smart as they appear to be, this duo would be hooking up in no time.
  3. Taylor Swift and Ashton Kutcher: No one gets any sweeter than cutie pie Taylor, who has a history of dating older men, such as Jake Gylenhaal and Jason Mraz. Ashton, eternally young at heart, could use a dose of youthful love after having spent seven years with the older Demi. Sharing a passion for creativity and fun, we think this couple would be a hit. Plus who wouldn’t love to hear Swift swoon over this goofy prankster?
  4. Courtney Love and Charlie Sheen – At one time, these two notorious party-goers would be a match made in Hollywood hell. However, they have both since cleaned up their acts, making personal pledges to their sobriety and health. Both have been through some crazy experiences, but since neither could judge the other for their pasts, they’d be able to forge a new, supportive future together free from guilt.  Plus, a little monogamy would do the infamous Sheen some good, and Love deserves for her life to finally live up to her name

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8 responses to “Fantasy Matchmaking: Celebrities Who Belong Together”

  1. Michelle says:

    It surely is and love doesn’t have any boundaries or sometimes reason to why we are in love. Its just love is love.

  2. Ruth says:

    I like the Ashton and Taylor but how about Demi? Sorry if I am so late when it comes to updates but Ashton is a kid in mind and I think Taylor is more mature than that guy.

  3. Trish says:

    I guess you are right about the fact that no one understands a divorcee but with another person who have gone through the same experience. But looking at Katey I think she is perfectly fine and who knows she might really fall to someone who has the same history.

  4. Ronald Baker says:

    For Katy and Kris, maybe they have found something on each other, same experiences or maybe they really have something in common that made them feel more comfortable with each other..anyway, let’s just give them the chance to be happy ^_^

  5. Joanne Green says:

    When we are in love, we don’t look after the negative sides because we don’t want to spoil our good moods for lovin’..these celebrities are also human beings, they do feel pain and cry, they laugh and they even have the right to express what they really feel!!!

  6. Ronnie says:

    Condoleezza Rice and Bill Maher? There’s a few compelling reasons why that would *never* work out, but I’ll leave it at two. First, Confoleeza Rice. Second, Bill Maher.

  7. Isabella says:

    Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone would be so cute together! But isn’t Ms Stone already seeing someone, or did that fizzle out?

  8. Xavier says:

    I think Courtney Love and Charlie Sheen would quickly throw each other off the wagon. I don’t know if a relationship would be healthy for for either of them, but it sure would make the tabloids a lot more entertaining.