Hopeful romantics take note!  Romance is NOT dead according to a recent study. In fact, digital technology can help stoke a relationship’s fire. So with that in mind, we decided to search for the best amorous gestures online to honor Saint Valentine’s Day. Our findings resulted in the following: The Sweetest, The Confusing, and The Funniest romantic viral moments of 2011.

The Sweetest

We have two unusual wedding proposals that suggest putting “a ring on it” is a full-scale production requiring theatrical staging and a video crew. First up, we have Timothy Tian, who surprised his future fiance by using Internet memes when he asked for her hand.  WARNING, this may not sound romantic but before you hit play make sure you grab a tissue.  There is a darn good chance you will get verklempted!

What do you get when you combine a “faux” ice-skating party, a handful of people in Winnie the Pooh costumes, a human sized lobster (hint: it is a nod to a “Friends” episode), along with an unsuspecting girlfriend?  Exactly what the video is titled, “The Most Creative Marriage Proposal Ever”….   or at least the most creative for 2011. If you are totally confused, just watch this joyful clip.


The Confusing

A “proposal” is defined as the act of offering or suggesting something for acceptance. The following video features Jim Carrying proposing not marriage to Emma Stone, but a relationship. Some might consider Carrey’s love confession while romantic, a tad cringy and confusing.  Even so, we must confess, we have a soft spot for a man who wears his heart on his sleeve.  Plus, Emma Stone is undeniable remarkable, even Askmen.com agrees. Check out the  Songified Jim Carrey/ Emma Stone Remix or the original confessional video.

The Funniest

Are you wondering how to proclaim your love for someone in the digital universe? No worries, Viral Video Film School has your back.  The following “tutorial” will demonstrate how to woo your object of affection via you guessed it… viral video.

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