Need to fight off a mean case of the holiday blues? Watch an upbeat yuletide film. According to a recent study, viewing a happy movie will boost your mood. But if a cornball classic like Miracle on 34th Street is not your idea of cinematic fun, guess what, we got your back.  Our festive film list includes doldrums fighting flicks for romantics, action fans, and holidayophobes all guaranteed to be reindeer free.  So get ready to cozy up with your flat screen, watching with a date is optional

Romantics:  Shhhh, here is a secret… the best holiday rom coms always include Hugh Grant.

Case in point:  Love Actually 

  • The gist: The movie tells the story of eight  “couples” all  seeking either romantic or platonic love during the holiday season. Each account is so engaging it’s  like watching eight lovely dovey flicks packed into one.
  • What makes this a great holiday flick?  This movie is a valentine to love packaged as a Xmas movie.. I bet my bottom dollar this movie would melt even  the Grinch’s heart.
  • Second Pick: Bridget Jones’s Diary
  • Third Pick: About a Boy

Action Fans: Lucky you! There are plenty of butt kicking movies with just enough merry mayhem to be considered holiday flicks

First up: Die Hard

  • The gist: Bruce Willis portrays John McClane, a wise cracking member of the NYPD who saves his wife and her co-workers from being killed by a group of (mostly)  blonde terrorist’s right before Christmas!
  • What makes this a great holiday flick?   This is the big daddy of holiday action movies chuck full of wiseacre one liners guaranteed to plant a smile on your puss. Plus, John McClane saves his wife and her co-workers from being killed by a group of (mostly)  blonde terrorist’s right before Christmas!
  • Second Pick: Home Alone  (Yuppers,  you read this right! Macaulay Culkin gives Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern an action packed beat down in this film)
  • Third Pick: Die Hard 2

Holidayophobes:  Look, we get it. Everything from the office Kris Kringle to clocking time with the family during christmahanukwanzaakah stresses you out.  You need maybe more than most a heavy dose of cheer.  So whether you like your comedy light, dark, or scary- we have a holiday flick yule love.

Top pick: Trading Places

  • The gist: A hoity toity investor and a homeless con artist find their positions in life reversed  by two insensitive financial tycoons.  Eventually the dual partners up and the evil money barons get their just desserts.
  • What makes this a great holidayophobes flick?   It is one of Eddie Murphy’s funniest films plus the movie is just set around the holidays it is not about the holidays.
  • Second pick: The Ref
  • Third Pick: Gremlins

Do you have flick that should be on the list? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Bartdads says:

    Love Actually, one of the best new holiday movies ever.

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