Six Holiday Hookups to Avoid December 7, 2011

 Each month invites a few of our favorite love and relationship sites to share a little wisdom on matters of the heart. Today YourTango, a site dedicated to helping readers live their best love lives dishes up some special holiday advice.

By Natalie Gontcharova

‘Tis the season for frantic gift-buying, hanging out with the whole family, and… holiday hookups! If you’re single this holiday season, there’s all kinds of fun to be had — the parties abound, so opportunity is everywhere. But, believe it or not, there’s a downside to all this merry holiday hoopla: the aftermath! Do you really want your coworkers, family, or (gasp) exes gossiping about your tinsel-time fling for holiday seasons to come? No, no you don’t. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the six holiday hookups you should avoid at all costs. Even if it means spending a little more time playing Scrabble with Aunt Gloria.

1. The coworker. Avoid this one like an eight a.m. conference call! Spirits were high at the company Christmas party, but when the holidays are over, you’ll still have to face this person every day.

2. Anyone from high school… or even college. The holidays makes us nostalgic. So nostalgic we’ll be in that friend’s parents’ basement drinking beer in no time. But a drunken hookup to relive your younger years is never a good idea.

3. Your hometown ex. Since the holidays always make us reminisce (about good times and bad), if you’re single, your mind will likely turn to “the one that got away.” Remember, they may have gotten away for a good reason.

4. The family friend. You see them at every family function. Maybe they’re a lot older (or a lot younger) than you. If you make your move, you risk the chances of making every future family gathering awkward  for the both of you.

5. The townie. You’ve had a few too many beers at your local bar and suddenly the bartender — a local legend who never managed to get far from home— looks cute. If you want to avoid the town gossip mill, avoid the townie.

6. The hottie looking for a rebound. A study done by British journalist David McCandless found, by sifting through Facebook statuses, that there’s a huge spike in breakups right after Thanksgiving, and two weeks or so before Christmas. But do you want to be someone’s rebound. You’re better than that. Right?

Remember: Choose your hookups wisely. In the digital age, you never know: They may (and probably will) turn up when they’re least expected.



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