Its time to expand your WORDrobe with a little help from Chemistry!  Each month Chemistry will post new units of language that describe all the complicated stuff that once left you tight lipped or tongue-tied.

A recent consumer study revealed that christmahanukwanzakah shoppers will be in a better mood this year and as a result they will spend more money, especially those who are single.  But buyers beware!  Holiday cheer cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Sure its better to give than receive but depleting your bank account should not be a year end tradition. So if you are finding it difficult to resist over spending this month, you might be suffering from this costly virus.

Giftitis: (gift-ahy-tis) Those with giftitis are obsessed with finding, purchasing, and giving stellar gifts they can barely afford because they are enraptured with the holiday spirit.  The end result is a financial hangover that will take until the following December to pay off.   Note, giftitis  should not be confused with affluenza  (AF.loo.en.zuh) a more severe condition that causes the infected to rack up major debt just to keep up with the Jones.

If you find yourself fighting the urge to spend on big-ticket presents you cannot afford, we advise that you skip shopping, take an aspirin, and lie down instead. Remember, it is the thought not the gift that counts. And if you wait until the holidays are over, you can purchase those expensive presents when they are deeply marked down.

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