Once upon a time, a full beard was a sign of a man’s virility. But gentleman, that was a long long time ago. Rugged designer stubble or a genuine 5 o’clock shadow can give a fella a dash of sexy bad boy appeal. But when it comes to going full on mountain man, most women don’t find Paul Bunyon appealing.

Instead, a lady might believe a man is hiding something like a weak chin, bad skin, or even crumbs from lunch (ewwwww!). And don’t think mustaches, mutton chops, soul patches, or chinstraps are off the hook here.  Like their names, they can look pretty silly. So, above in honor of  NoShavember  we posted a few hairy scary manscaping don’ts.

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4 responses to “Male Facial Hair, Manscaping Don’ts”

  1. bart says:

    love these photos. i suppose it does look a bit silly….but the coiffed beard one cool. right?

  2. Robinmlawson says:

    Hilarious! But some women actually like these looks or don’t mind. Bottom line, a man can pretty much get a woman no matter how he looks. As my mom said…a man can be a 2 ft tall limbless midget and still be able to find a woman. Doesn’t really work the other way around…

  3. Greer says:

    I like a tiny bit of stubble but only if the guys hair is soft

  4. ThySwede says:

    Here I must quote Ph.D David Givens, who in in his book “Love signals” states that “Research shows that beards neither raise nor lower a man’s physical attractiveness”. Worth noting.

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