The Mantionary is a girl’s go-to-guide for understanding men. It is the last word on all things man-tastic from their baffling behavior to celebratory rituals like chest bumping. Today we opened up The Mantionary to understand why some say November is the manliness month of the year.


November triggers a month long celebration called NoShavember; pronounced: (noh-sheyv-ember). During this time clean-shaven men are encouraged to ditch their facial grooming routine.  Though not a federal recognized holiday, this yearly occurrence that was once observed by a handful of college boys, is now attracting men who are old enough to shave.  According to the NoShavember website, the rules are as follows:  Shave on October 31st, don’t shave for the month of November, post pictures documenting hair growth throughout the month, and for women; shave your legs often.  As a lady, I am not a fan of Noshavember. Stubble, ‘staches, beards, and side burns are not a turn on for me.  Plus, I am disappointed that I am required to shave my legs the entire month. It is November for Pete’s sake- that is when I start wearing tights and leggings.


National Men’s Make Dinner Day:

Some women may want to hide the good cookware and expensive cutlery on November 3rd  (tomorrow!) which is National Men’s Make Dinner Day.  Sure it sounds like a holiday aimed at pleasing the ladies, but there is a twist. This occasion was created for men who don’t know how to cook…yum.  Luckily, The National Men’s Make Dinner Day website provides culinary challenged fellows with simple recipes so they can successfully prepare a tasty meal.  Note for men who wish to participate; bbq’ing, take out, and serving leftovers, will not count as a home cooked meal according to the holiday’s official rules.


International Men’s Day:

Our last manly observance for the month is International Men’s Day on the 19th.    Observed by the UN (seriously), this is a time to reflect on the contributions and scarifies made by men across the globe. This day also provides an opportunity for men everywhere to celebrate their manliness but ditching their iPads and firing up power tools, tossing their restrictive tighty whities for boxers, and for preparing their man cave for the possible zombie apocalypse by stocking it with beer and cheese along with a few choice mantiques.


Do you know of any other “manly” holidays, in November or any time of the year? Or will you be celebrating or participating in any of the above events? Tell us in the comments below.


The observances depicted in this post are all factual. Any similarity to other notable days or events is merely coincidental. 

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4 responses to “The Mantionary on Why November is the Manliness Month of the Year”

  1. tbright says:

    I read a ways back that a traditional razor lends a closer shave than the electric equivalent, but the man who buys the electric one is likely a better mate. The investment supposedly demonstrates that being considerate is a priority, and a regular/frequent one at that.

  2. bart says:

    i believe it. i have almost a full beard right now. my face and my girlfriend haven’t seen the likes of it in almost a year. make sense.

  3. nestor says:

    my girl loves it when i grow it out. she thinks its manly/sexy or something along those lines. cool. as long she keeps digging it l will keep growing it.

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