In the spirit of Halloween, we scared up a few links to some of the worst dating advice for men and women we’ve EVER heard. Feel free to share your own horror stories about the worst advice you’ve been given in your own life — whether you read it in a book, heard it from a friend or trusted family member, or saw it posted somewhere online. Go on and tell us… after all, we could use a good laugh!

1. Fans of The Rules might disagree, but we think singles should leave extensive game-playing to professional sports teams, not their dating lives. And would you really take advice about your love life from a Jersey Shore cast member (or another reality star from one of MTV’s hit shows, for that matter)? Here, the Huffington Post has compiled highlights from the seven worst self-help books aimed at daters in the past two decades:

Huffington Post’s Books with the Worst Dating Advice

2. Some of the worst ideas about love and dating come from Hollywood — and we’re not just talking about those quickie marriages in Vegas celebs have a penchant for, either. From totally unrealistic rom-coms to idealizing stalker behavior in teen heartthrobs, Happen magazine breaks down some of the most damaging lessons you can learn about love on the big screen:

Happen Magazine’s Hollywood’s Worst Love Lessons

3. “Just be yourself!” Surely every single person has heard this pithy piece of wisdom at some point. But here, explains why this could actually be the worst dating advice of all time:

Girls Chase’s Just Be Yourself: The Worst Dating Advice Known to Man

4. If you’re single, male, and own an iPad, rejoice! You’ve got exclusive access to the outdated “wisdom” provided by the Cosmo for Guys application. And while the app itself is an offshoot of Cosmopolitan magazine (aimed at female readers), we can’t help but think the advice they’re doling out sounded stale decades ago:

Betty Confidential’s The Worst Dating Advice Ever From Cosmo for Guys?

5. And guys, did you know that your Xbox 360 could be guilty of hurting your chance at romance? Yep, we’re talking about the myriad dating advice-based games that are available for download — including Don’t B Nervous Talking 2 Girls and Virtual Attraction – Part 1. Unfortunately, the much-maligned “How To Get Girls” title has been pulled from the Xbox Marketplace since Kotaku posted this article in July, but it’s hysterical to imagine what we’re missing based on the commentary:

Kotaku’s 7 Bad Dating Tips I Learned From My Xbox 360

Have you heard scary dating advice? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. You can’t listen to bad advice to get girls. If it seems like the guy is trying to kiss the women’s ass like saying “women are the most valuable creatures on earth” or “women are smarter than men” they may not be trying to give good advice to men but just sell books

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