Do you find it romantic when people kiss in public? Or do you cringe at a couple making a scene when they smooch? wanted to uncover who is most comfortable with PDA – Public Displays of Affection – across the country. “PDA is more than just public passion; it is a highly visible social signal telling others who belongs to whom,” says Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and chief scientific advisor to

Honolulu, Hawaii says aloha to the title of β€œmost comfortable with PDA” city, and Ft. Meyers, Florida turns its head away as the least comfortable city. β€œThe cities most comfortable with PDA have a preponderance of the personality types Negotiators (expressive of the estrogen system in the brain) and Builders (expressive of serotonin). These individuals are naturally predisposed to showing their affection,” Dr. Fisher says. Below is the full list of the top & bottom 10 cities with the most singles on who say they are a-ok with romantic friendliness in front of others.