We asked relationship expert Amy Spencer “what’s the best thing about being single during the holidays… and the best thing about being coupled up over the holidays?” Here is what she said.

“I didn’t get a chance to list my three favorite things about being single, so I’m going to combine it here. Here’s what’s great about being single, holidays or not:

1) The world is your oyster. When I was single, my sister had a job that flew her around the world, and when she’d call and say, ‘Meet me in France,’ I could. And I did. I jumped around like a fugitive. In fact, my single friend Yvonne is in Paris now celebrating her birthday. She said she might extend her trip and head to Milan for a few days afterward. Or maybe Amsterdam. Or maybe not. But the point is: she can do whatever she wants over the holidays… no extended family shopping required.

2) First kisses.—and these are the very best during the holidays. In fact, I think office Christmas parties are made for single people. Singles are the ones who get to drink too much punch and make out with coworkers and go dancing afterward. And think about the hope of New Year’s Eve, the night of twinkling party lights and possibility… I don’t know, for me? I’m a sucker for the hope of magic at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

3) The absolute uncertainty of the future. When you’re single, your future is like a Christmas present: You may not know what’s in there, but wondering what’s in that box is half the fun! Your life can change entirely when you become a twosome. Will you meet someone in your hometown? In another country? Will you meet a writer, a designer, a musician, a businessperson – what will your life be like? When I was single, I loved not knowing. So shake that Christmas present all you want, and enjoy the thrill of dreaming about what’s inside.

And since I am a married gal, I’ll tell you my favorite things about being coupled:
1) Snuggling under a blanket and complimenting ourselves about our cute Christmas tree.
2) Singing corny carols in the car on the way to the grocery store for comfort food.
3) And eating like it’s going out of style, because my husband says just the right thing about it: He likes me better with a few holiday pounds on me. ‘More to love,” he says. Right on! Pass the mashed…'”

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