has revealed the results of a poll of users that evaluated the past year in celebrity relationships. At the close of a headline-stealing year that featured stunning celebrity break-ups, an academy award winner’s domestic abuse case, and a royal engagement, US singles have distinct views and strong opinions about the celeb couples who have disappointed, surprised and delighted them. We’ve also included Dr. Helen Fisher’s analysis on why some of these couples make it or break it, based on their dating personality types.

This year’s favorite celebrity couple and most well-matched duo are Hollywood institutions:

  • 30% of respondents chose Michael Douglas (Director) who is facing a cancer battle and his wife of 10 years, Catherine Zeta Jones (Negotiator), as their favorite celebrity couple.
  • Will Smith (Builder) and Jada Pinkett Smith (Builder), a couple known for their candor about their marriage and sex lives, were voted most well-matched with 43% of the vote.

Political couples were on fire in 2010, including:

  • The president (Explorer) and first lady (Explorer) were elected as the hands-down favorite political power couple (35.9%).
  • users voted Al Gore (Builder) and Tipper Gore (Builder) the most surprising break-up. Dr. Helen Fisher’s analysis on the divorce: “Tipper and Al shocked the world with the announcement that their 40-year marriage was over.  This breakup speaks to the changing attitudes about marriage today. Older American’s aren’t afraid to get out of unhappy marriages and find something that does make them happy.”

On the subject of disappointment, fresh off a new engagement, Jessica Simpson (Builder) and Eric Johnson (Builder) were voted the couple most likely to break-up in 2011. Dr. Helen Fisher’s analysis could change people’s minds, though: “I think Americans may have it wrong.  Even though they have had a whirlwind romance and are already engaged, this couple is probably going to survive.  Biologically speaking, they are both traditional, social and family-oriented, a solid combination.”

In more optimistic news, Drew Barrymore (Explorer) and Justin Long (Negotiator) were voted most likely to make it official in 2011 and tie the knot.  Singles are also hopeful that Courtney Cox (Director) and David Arquette (Explorer) can patch things up, with 41% giving them the best chance at a second time around. Dr. Helen Fisher explains why people should be hopeful about this revival: “Americans are pulling for these two to rekindle their romance, but they’ve also got biology on their side.  These two could very well get back together.  My research on divorce in 58 societies has shown that having a 6-year old child is pretty near the natural breaking point for marriages (about 4 years), so if these two can get past this bump, they might be able to reconcile for good.”

Another former “friend” is the recipient of users’ goodwill:  Eternally single Jennifer Aniston (Builder) is the celebrity that people most want to see find love in the New Year. “Probably,” Fisher says,” because almost all of us know what it feels like to be dumped, or lose out to a rival.  Biologically speaking, in fact, we can feel or imagine her pain.”

For Full Survey Results: 2010 Survey Summary
To find out more about the four personality types Dr. Fisher discusses, take Dr. Fisher’s personality test HERE.

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